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Welcome to The Maralink Eco-Volunteers

The Maralink Eco-Volunteers is a leading volunteer organization dealing in international volunteer placements in Kenya. We offer a variety of programs which include: Community development & health, Teaching, Summercamp Volunteering, Gap year programs, Environmental sustainability & rehabilitation programs, Eco-tours & Safaris around Kenya, Adventure and Sports, Orphanages and Children homes programs, special need schools.We provide comprehensive fun-filled, thrilling & remorselessly unique experiences to volunteers & travelers through the ability to synergize volunteering with adventure which provides a platform for you to mix volunteering with a bit fun like, game-drives, safaris, camping etc You name it and we make your excursion memorable and wow don't forget about the clash-tourism program; where we link solo & group volunteers/ travelers with others from different nationalities.... We also boast of having experienced Program Directors thus giving us an extra-edge in the industry.

Voluntourism (Volunteer, Tour, Travel & Adventure)

4 Days / 3 Nights Tour

6 Days / 5 Nights Tour

7 Days /6 Nights Tour

21 Days / 20 Nights Tour

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National Parks

Masai Mara National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Reserve

Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Kora National Park

.... and more









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